How do I get a consignor number? Just follow the easy steps found on the "consigning" tab above. The system will walk you through how to register.

Can I write off my profits and unsold, donated items for tax purposes? YES! When you are entering your items into the system, be sure to toggle the "donate" button for each item so that your seller report will reflect that you donated that item (if it did not sell). Plus, your seller report will show your total profits as well as the total amount of your profits that you donated to the church for missions.

What items do you accept/not accept? Please use the "accepted items" tab above and email us if you don't see your specific items addressed.

How many items can a consignor enter? In order to consign, you must bring at least 10 "sellable" items. Each consignor is allowed up to 150 items.

Is there a fee to consign? Yes, a $10 fee will be collected when you drop off your items.

How do I tag clothing/toys/books/shoes/big items? Please use the "tagging" tab to find all of this useful information. If you need additional help, email us.

When are checks mailed? We will mail all consignor checks within 2 weeks from the close of the sale.

What if I want to pick up my unsold items? No problem. Just come between 12:30-2:00 on the Saturday of the sale. You need to give yourselves plenty of time to sort through the gym. We will do our best to have your items in the correct place but please remember that this is a sale run by volunteers who are doing their very best! We need all consignors to be out of the gym by 2:00 sharp!

What if my tags are printing on 2 separate pages? Try printing them as a pdf. This usually solves this issue.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash, checks, and credit cards (there is a $3.00 service fee on cards)